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The Drone Industry is set to Boom

In late 2020, a report was released by "Deloitte" in reference to the "Economic Benefit Analysis of Drones In Australia", This report was requested by the Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.



Television Programs

How the DJI Matrice 600 is used in Filmaking

  • Drones have revolutionized the way we capture stunning aerial shots in movies, TV shows, and documentaries. With their incredible capabilities, producers can effortlessly capture awe-inspiring moments that were once only possible with expensive helicopters. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to find a television commercial without some captivating drone footage.

Public Safety

Law Enforcement

FPV Drone - flying through entire house

  • Police departments have fully embraced the utilization of drones to elevate situational awareness in a multitude of scenarios. These cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles not only assist in the development of intricate maps for local areas and potential crime hotspots but also empower authorities to swiftly identify any potential wrongdoers in the event of an emergency.


Building Inspections

Major benefits of using drones in Insurance Inspections

  • After severe weather in a specific area, insurance companies often receive a multitude of insurance claims for roof damage from homeowners. Traditionally, to evaluate these claims, insurance companies have had to dispatch an insurance inspector or adjuster to physically visit the site. They would climb ladders and capture pictures of every roof that has a claim.


Television Commercials

Porsche Taycan - driving to extremes

  • When incorporated into film or video production, drones provide a fresh and captivating viewpoint that immediately grabs the viewers' attention. They empower marketers to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of innovation by capturing angles and shots that were once deemed impractical, all while significantly reducing costs.

Real Estate

Property Sales

FPV Drone - flying through entire house

  • Real estate agents are leveraging the power of drones to provide potential buyers with an unprecedented perspective. By offering a comprehensive virtual tour, prospective purchasers can now explore all the remarkable features of a property from the comfort of their own screens before even setting foot on the premises. The way of the future.


Building Surveys

Major benefits of using drones in construction

  • Drones are revolutionizing the way construction companies monitor the progress of their projects. With these cutting-edge aerial devices, videos capturing every aspect of the construction process can be effortlessly viewed by both management and customers, eliminating the need to visit the site. These videos can show the building's entire evolution.


News and media

Gain a fresh perspective as a journalist delving into the story

  • The utilization of drones in journalism has become increasingly prevalent. Drones have proven to be invaluable in providing a unique perspective, allowing an additional vantage point within the realm of journalism, enhancing storytelling by introducing aerial stills and video footage that infuse news coverage with an extra layer of emotion.


Spaying and Seeding

Drones are the way of the future for farming

  • For the past few years, farmers have embraced the power of drones to enhance their crop yields. By effortlessly surveying their fields, these unmanned aerial vehicles identify areas that require special attention. The use of drones not only saves time compared to walking the entire farm on foot, but it also provides more precise and accurate results.


Passenger Transport

The dream of a flying car has finally become a reality

  • When we invision flying cars, they may not aign with our traditional expectations. However, drones hold th epotential to unlock a more practical solution for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). While still in its in infancy, UAM envisions a network of compact, electric, and highly automated aircraft that have the power to transform urban transportation.

Traffic Management

Counting cars

providing video evidence linked with AI counting software

  • Drones equipped with sensors and cameras have the potential to revolutionise traffic management in congested areas. By providing up-to-the-minute data, these drones can intelligently optimise traffic flow and streamline routes. Furthermore, they can be a game-changer in monitoring and overseeing parking spaces in urban regions.

Drones in Energy

Power Line Inspections

A safer way to inspect infrastructure (power lines)

  • Just like in the transportation industry, drones are revolutionising the way energy companies inspect their assets such as power lines and solar panels. This means that the use of drones in the energy sector is set to rapidly expand as the CASA allows drone pilots to conduct more inspections by granting BVLOS waivers to additional energy companies.


Tower Inspections

Drone Inspections of Towers are safer and cost effective

  • Drone pilots are transforming inspections in the telecommunications sector by conducting tower surveys and inspections in a fraction of the time it would normally take to send a person up a tower. This not only makes the process more cost-efficient, but it also greatly enhances safety for everyone involved.Previous video can be compared

Drones in Education

Learning with Drones

STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)

  • When it comes to drones in education, you have the opportunity to be a teacher who integrates these innovative devices into classroom activities, sparking enthusiasm among students for STEM subjects. Alternatively, you could be an instructor imparting the skills of flying and other RPAS-related tasks to individuals.

Surf Life Saving

Patrolling Beaches

Ensuring swimmers are kept safe via aerial surveillance

  • Drones are increasingly being used in surf life-saving to enhance safety. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras provide a bird's-eye view of the entire beach and ocean, allowing lifeguards to monitor water conditions, identify potential hazards like rip currents and keep an eye on the overall beach environment.


Home Delivery

Cost effective delivery of smaller items to homes

  • Drones are being increasingly used in home delivery services to provide faster, more efficient, and sometimes more eco-friendly ways of delivering packages and goods to customers. While drone delivery services have shown great promise, there is a need for infrastructure to support widespread drone delivery.


Detailed Images

Current and comprehensive mapping image of the local area.

  • Drones are increasingly used in mapping and surveying due to their ability to provide high-resolution aerial imagery and topographic data efficiently and cost-effectively. Drones offer a cost-effective, efficient, and highly versatile way to capture accurate geospatial data. As technology continues to advance, the applications of drone mapping are expected to grow, benefiting various industries and research fields.

Ground Surveys

High-resolution imagery

Catering to a diverse array of industries

  • Drones have revolutionized ground surveys by providing a cost-effective, efficient, and adaptable method of capturing geospatial data. Drones ar being incorporated into various industries and research sectors to optimize surveying, mapping, and monitoring endeavors. Photogrammetry drones create immersive 3D models of terrains, encompassing not only natural landscapes but also historical and cultural sites.


How BHP use drones

Mining surveys provide accurate 3D spacial data

  • Drones provide a cost-effective and efficient way to survey, map, and monitor operations. By utilising drones in mining, companies can improve safety, reduce operational costs, optimise production, and ensure environmental compliance including losses from vandalism, and unauthorized access. These aerial tools provide a level of efficiency and accuracy in an industry that relies on precise data for success.


Australian Built Drone

Many new Australian jobs are being created

  • With the support of the Royal Australian Air Force and a local industry team, Boeing Australia has accomplished the creation of the first military aircraft to be entirely designed, manufactured, and flown within Australia in over 50 years. This groundbreaking achievement has been made possible through the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies such as advanced robotics, composite materials, and digital engineering.

Wildlife Conservation

Science and Drones

New drone technology for monitoring wildlife

  • Advancements in drone technology are revolutionising the methods used by conservation scientists. The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has recently conducted trials using a diverse range of cutting-edge drone technology. These innovations have transformed the way they detect elusive species, monitor wildlife populations, and track the movement of reintroduced native animals across the vast landscape.

Storm Tracking

Cyclones / Hurricanes

Drones are being used to track storm activity

  • Drones play a crucial role in storm tracking and research by safely gathering data from within the storm system, eliminating the risk to human lives. With their ability to provide intricate and high-resolution information, drones significantly advance our understanding of storms, revolutionize weather forecasting, and ultimately contribute to minimizing the impact of severe weather events on communities and infrastructure.                  

Weed Control

Targeting Weed Control

ABC - Landline reports on drone usage in weed control

  • Drones can be used in agriculture and land management to help control weeds in various ways. Using drones offers several advantages, including efficiency, precision, and reduced chemical usage. Drones can carry herbicide payloads and precisely spray them on weed-infested areas. They can cover large swaths of land quickly and accurately, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing herbicide usage.

Drone Shows

VIVID - Sydney

Drones are equipped with bright, programmable LED lights

  • Drones are used in drone shows, also known as drone light shows or drone displays, to create captivating and synchronised aerial performances using multiple drones equipped with LED lights. Drones are revolutionizing the way we view nighttime entertainment and visual displays, offering a highly customisable alternative to traditional fireworks. Drone shows are becoming more accessible and widely used.


Sydney - Australia

Promoting locations around the world for Tourism

  • Drones have found various applications in the tourism industry, enhancing the traveler's experience, marketing destinations, and improving the management of tourist attractions. Drones have become valuable tools, offering new and innovative ways to showcase destinations, enhance safety, and provide memorable experiences for travelers. Drone technology n the tourism sector is expected to expand further.          

Building Cleaning

Aquiline Drones - USA

Company promotional video explaining drone use

  • Drones can be utilised in certain scenarios for cleaning tasks on buildings or structures in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. It's important to note that using drones for cleaning buildings is still a relatively niche application and may not be as common as traditional cleaning methods. The feasibility and effectiveness of using drones for cleaning tasks depend on the specific building, its design, and the cleaning requirements.

Roof Inspections

Southport Qld

This inspection was to check for pigeons creating nests

  • Drones are increasingly used for roof inspections due to their efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Roof inspections are essential for identifying issues, such as damage, leaks, or structural problems, without the need for manual inspections. Drones have revolutionised the field of roof inspections by providing a safe, efficient, and accurate means of assessing the condition of roofs. They are very cost effective.

Fire Fighting

California's Wild fires

USA - Fire departments have been using drones since 2018

  • Drones are increasingly used in firefighting operations to enhance situational awareness, improve safety, and aid in firefighting efforts. Their versatility and ability to access hard-to-reach areas make them valuable tools in various aspects of firefighting. They help firefighters and incident commanders make informed decisions, enhance response times, and mitigate risks during fire emergencies.   


Maryland - USA

Drones monitoring crop health from the air

  • Drones are increasingly used for monitoring farm crop health through a process known as precision agriculture. Using drones equipped with various sensors and cameras, farmers and agricultural experts can assess the condition of crops and make informed decisions to improve yield and reduce resource use. Drones capture high-resolution aerial images of entire fields, providing an overview of crop health.

Search and Rescue

DJI Matrice 30

Saving valuable time searching for missing people

  • Drones have become invaluable tools in search and rescue (SAR) operations, providing enhanced capabilities for locating missing persons, assessing disaster-stricken areas, and improving the safety and efficiency of search and rescue missions. A valuable asset in search and rescue operations by enhancing situational awareness, improving response times, and  rescuing missing individuals. 

Oil and Gas

Halo Robotics

How drones are being used in Indonesia "Oil and Gas"

  • Drones have become indispensable tools in the oil and gas industry, revolutionising operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. From carefully monitoring and inspecting critical infrastructure to swiftly collecting valuable data and providing surveillance, drones offer an unparalleled solution. With their cost-effective and efficient capabilities, drones enable precise monitoring and management of operations.