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AVI30419: Certificate III in Aviation (remote pilot)

MW Training Consultants RTO: 2510 (Since 1998)

School Based Program - Delivered in School

AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)

MW Training Consultants RTO: 2510 (Since 1998)

School Program Information

Please check with your school prior to enrolment
to be sure your school offers this program
(Only available to Australian Schools from years 9-12)
Contact Us- If you would like your school to Deliver this Course CLICK HERE and select the "General Inquiry" category

Course Description

This qualification is relevant to individuals operating remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and national operating standards. Remote pilots operating at this level will apply non-technical and technical knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and judgement and will take limited responsibility in known and stable operational contexts within established regulatory parameters. Licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication. This qualification aligns to Remote Pilot Licensing requirements described in Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 101 — Manual of Standards.

This course is for any student wishing to gain employment in the Aviation Industry which also includes, Airline Pilot, Maintenance Engineer, Air Traffic Controller, Ground Staff, Air Staff (Flight Attendant) and any other Aviation career, General subjects taught for general aviation also include: Working effectively in the Aviation Industry, Principals of Air law, Situational awareness, Aeronautical radio, and Human factors.

Introduction to Students

MW Training along with Drone-operations will attend the school to provide a welcome session which usually lasts for 4 hours and covers the following:

  • Welcome
  • Information about the training AVI30419
  • Complete the RTO Sign up and interview process for students
  • CASA Rules (Drones – flying for fun)
  • Safety
  • Where to fly
  • Types of Drones
  • Types of Drone Jobs
  • Drone Accessories
  • Flying your Drone
  • Drone Maintenance
  • Get your ARN
  • Feedback
  • Fly drones indoors to understand controls
  • Fly drones outdoors (if permitted) – we bring a fleet of drones to fly

As we cover schools across Australia, these introductions can only be provided at limited times throughout the year, this is dependent on needs of our schools and obvious COVID19 restrictions. 

These sessions can also be attended for late comers online via our LMS introduction (basic course), however obviously for online delivery we cannot offer drone flight experience. 

Volume of Learning

While the qualification at AQF 3 is deemed to require 18-24 months (2-year school term) to complete, The training delivery includes a combination of classroom delivery (one - two periods (two hours) a week delivered in school by the school) and distance learning with mentoring support. We would assume the homework (distance learning) would be around a minimum of an extra 4 hours a week during the School term. 30 weeks out of a 40 week school year are dedicated to the Aviation Course

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification.


The program has been designed around 2 hours a week in class and a further minimum of 4 hours self-study for 31 weeks (sessions) in the first year and 29 weeks (sessions) in the second year. This takes into account 40 weeks a year available over 4 terms and allowing 10 weeks a year which may be taken up with other activities, such as final exams etc, we believe 30 weeks per year out of a potential 40 week year is easily achievable. 

The course is delivered in school and mentored by the teacher in class. The training (on line component ) and assessment is ultimately signed off by our trainers/assessors.

We provide all the learning and assessment material, which is a mixture of class workbooks, online materials, Flight logbooks and assessment material.  All knowledge evidence is completed online via the LMS (Learning Management System), where the school has complete visibility of marking along with our own assessors for final sign off. 


Assessment information will be provided to you at the start of the course by your trainer and you must abide by the assessment requirements set by MW Training Consultants and your trainers/Teachers in School. Your coursework will be returned with feedback from your Teacher.

All of our learning and assessment material aligns (maps) with the new CASA RePL guidelines and along with the pilot logbook our course meets the requirements (not including a final assessment) for a RePL license or an "Excluded Category Operation". Those students who wish to sit the final RePL assessments can then obtain a CASA issued RePL (via our delivery partner). A fee is involved for a RePL license. 

Flying Drones in Schools

Drone Operations holds a Remote Operator Certificate CASA.ReOC.7046, and we allow the school to operate all drone flights in schools under our ReOC. This allows the school to meet safety requirements and cover for 20mil Public Liability, though, ultimately our Chief pilot will hold all responsibility for all activities under our ReOC. 

Units of competency required

A minimum of 14 units of competency comprising:

  • 9 core units plus
  • 2 elective units selected from the Group A : General, plus
  • At least 1 elective unit selected from group B Specialist elective, plus
  • At least 2 units selected from Group C

Year 1

  • AVIG0003 (A) Work effectively in the aviation industry
  • AVIY0031 (C) Apply the principles of air law to remote pilot aircraft systems operations
  • AVIW0004 (C) Perform operational inspections on remote operated systems
  • AVIY0053 (C) Manage remote pilot aircraft systems energy source requirements
  • AVIY0052 (C) Control remote pilot aircraft systems on the ground
  • AVIY0023 (C) Launch, control and recover a remotely piloted aircraft

Year 2

  • AVIY0027 (B) Operate multi-rotor remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIW0028 (C) Operate and manage remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIZ0005 (C) Apply situational awareness in remote pilot aircraft systems operations
  • AVIH0006 (C) Navigate remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIE0003 (A) Operate aeronautical radio
  • AVIF0021 (C) Manage human factors in remote pilot aircraft systems operations
  • AVIY0026 (C) Conduct aerial application operations using remote pilot operated systems
  • AVIW0006 (C) Perform infrastructure inspections using remote operated systems

Purchase of Drones

​Drone Operations have partnered with CR Kennedy (one of the main importers of DJI who also sell to Harvey Norman and other major DJI retailers). CR Kennedy have their head office in Victoria, with offices in every state of Australia. We offer brand new and second-hand drones and also offer a trade in on current drones if anyone wishes to upgrade to a later or better DJI model. We also offer a 10% education discount on any drone used in education.

We strongly believe any student who purchases a drone for their own use is also able to purchase at the educational discount and all sales from enrolled students will be able to access the 10% discount from new or second hand drones or accessories.

We strongly recommend the “Mavic Mini” as a starting point for students to fly as they weigh less than 250g and will not need to be registered with CASA. They are a great drone to start out with, (again we offer trade in when a student wished to upgrade) 

Course Cost

$1200 – Interest free payment plans available.

$50 per month – 24 months

$150 term – 8 Terms

What is included in the fee: 

  • Use of learning material aligned with RePL and "Excluded category"
  • Use of online resources (added list general learning resources) 
  • Cater for different delivery 
    • Classroom delivery (PPS and ability to print (pdf) presentation 
    • LMS – Online delivery 
  • Class workbooks (pdf format) 
  • Flight logbooks (pdf format) 
  • Full assessment resources aligned with RePL 
  • Full copy or CASA RePL training guidelines  
  • On site introduction of the AVI30419 Drone Course  
  • Use of Drone Operations ReOC and 20mil PL for ability to fly drones in schools
  • Supply of Drone Kit (Build a Drone) as part of the study (student to keep) 
  • Issue of AVI30419 Qualification 
  • Access to Drone Operations online shop – 10% school student discount 

How to Enrol

You should ensure that any queries you may have about AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) have been fully addressed prior to enrolment.

Please note: MW Training Consultants cannot give advice to students regarding career outcomes from this course.

To enrol in this course, please complete the enrolment form and return to our Head Office via email.

Further Contacts

Drone Operations –

Chief Remote Pilot –

CASA.ReOC.7046  CASA.PePL.564148

Ph: 1300 376 636


MW Training Consultants –

Project Manager –

RTO: 2510  AVI30419

Ph: 0432 503 256

Queensland Certification of Education - Information - 6 QCE Points

All states of Australia have different rules, however the "Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)" Course counts towards your state based Senior School studies

Check with your local school for further details

Planning your senior Pathway

Parent Guide to the QCE System

QCE - completing year 12 from 2020